my best friends wedding

It’s my best friends wedding and I have feelings which are beyond communicable. Some strange nostalgia, emotions of extreme joy overwhelming to tears. Our friendship goes back 23 years. Yes! Some friends are for all weathers and she’s one of them.

I have been assigned the task of organizing and planning the wedding with her family. Since I’m unmarried and she is one of the first ones in my close group of friends to get married; I’m new to this and boy I’m nervous! There’s a fine line between doing too much and little. Knowing her taste and choices- I know what I can give her but until I found Zank You, I didn’t know how to reach out to all these people.

Zank You is an international wedding portal operational in 23 countries and catering to all your needs including making your own website, finding the right caterer in a particular city, outfits, hotels and local florists. Brides/grooms can do this themselves too who don’t have much time on them and want to plan their wedding in another country. As the maid of honor, I have chosen a list of these vendors to complete and fulfill my friends dream.

Outfit- No wedding is complete without what the bride should look like. After going through a multitude of designers and narrowing it down to what my friend really likes. I’ve shortlisted three- Rohit Bal, Anita Dongre & Shantanu & Nikhil. 

Rohit Bal- The maestro of bridal wear; the designer has been active since 1990 and has dressed all of India’s royalty to a common person alike. He emphasizes a lot on embroidery and royal heritage/ decadent clothing.  My picks for the bride are-


The beauty and craft of design mixed with a true Indian dream. This lady has changed and brought back tradition in a way where everyone will either want to be a bride or know her.


Shantanu & Nikhil- The brothers are known for their drape elegance and silhouettes. great for evening wear and cocktails, these are my picks for the bride to own the night.

Other designers for the bride are-



As a bridesmaid it is very important to not overpower the bride and not outshine. Two designers who can be great for a young bride or a bridesmaid are-

Payal Singhal-

Young, confident and comfortable. This outfit is perfect for a bridesmaid as she can run around doing her chores while still looking fun.


Gauri & Nainika-

The designer sisters are celebrated for their gowns and western wear. The only ones who make you look and live a dream. This outfit is perfect for a cocktail and a swinging party. Anyone who doesn’t want to wear an Indian outfit and still look glamorous-this would be ideal.

gauri nnnn

Other option for the bridesmaid are-

  • Shehla Khan-
  • NSS by Pallavi Mohan-


Makeup- A dear friend and makeup artist Somya Chawla has transformed me into many a things in one day and taken up challenges without hesitating. One time we did a bridal shoot together and I would love for her to do my friend and my makeup on her big day.

Somya says “Bridal makeup in 2018 is going to be more about fresh , dewy and glowing skin with a hint of metallic shadow on the eyes paired up with a neutral or a bold lip color depending on what the bride prefers.

Tip : If you have never worn a red lipstick in your life , try and not wear one on your wedding day .The opposite logic applies as well , if putting a red lip color makes you feel beautiful and more confident then go ahead with the brightest shade.”

You can get in touch with her @makeupbysomya on Instagram or +91-9873753647.

Location- For many people  getting married, it all comes down to the destination and what that place means to them. The nostalgia of going back to that place will always evoke a certain emotion shared just by them. A few of my choices would be-

Khyber resort and spa (Gulmarg, Kashmir)- A winter globe and great for skiing and landscape. If you are one for a smaller group and enjoy the woods and nature. This is the perfect place for you.

Umaid  Bhawan Palace (Jodhpur, Rajasthan)-What more would you like than a palace to be your dream destination and home for those few days?! I know my friend wouldn’t be able to resist this!

Other venues to look out for-

Mumbai: Taj Mahal palace and ITC Maratha

Delhi: The claridges
Neemrana fort Palace (Neemrana, Rajasthan).
The Oberoi (New Delhi).
Goa: W Hotel,
Grand Hyatt

Music- No party is complete without this and if I’m responsible for my friend and her guest having an amazing time, then I’m going all out! I can’t think of anyone else but Manu Idhra!

manu idhra

He says –

“I can only talk about music since I am in the music industry for the last 22 years. I think people want more experiential events where the music and decor is memorable. In terms of music I see people want something to remember. Lot of people are bored of the same Bollywood tracks as these are played many times in Every wedding. Due to this repetition people complain to me and tell me that they want something new that can make them dance and lift the spirits of the wedding. I guess that’s why my act “Manu Idhra & Hamza” has been booked in Indian wedding to mix music from all over the world and create a unique flavour of Afro beats Latin music desert sounds with house beats Rajasthani folk Sufi influences and lots more. It’s basically a modern way of presenting traditional music. A Similar movement to what’s happening in the food world. Look at restaurants like Indian accent or Gagan. They are presenting Indian food in a new age way. Same thing is happening with music. People want traditional music presented in a modern way so people can get something familiar but also something they can relate to!”

Wedding Planner-

  • Vandana Mohan-
  • Punit Jasuja-





  • Caara-
  • Diva Restaurants-


A photo can take you back to the exact moment and make you feel something stronger than what you actually felt at the moment. So why not do it right!

  • Bhumika Bhatia-;_ylu=X3oDMTBycWJpM21vBGNvbG8Dc2czBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–/RV=2/RE=1514565756/RO=10/


  • Eventico-



I hope my selections will settle well with my friend and her family. If you too are planning your own or a close one’s wedding; don’t hesitate and reach out to Zank You.

Available in so many countries excites me because now I can plan another close friend’s wedding in Russia sitting in India!

Thank you Zank You!

Much love and wedding bells

Zina Singh for Touch & Be

Instagram @touchandbe5 Facebook- Touch and Be.


One thought on “my best friends wedding

  1. Wow!! Feels like getting married once again.. obviously to the same person though. My marriage was quiet simple, I was raised by my parents in a very naive and nurturing way. I loved my wedding no doubt as I married the love of my life together with my parents blessings. It still feels so great being married to him for almost 4 years now with a small muchkin. But am sure this kind of marriage sure is a goal. And I loved every part of your blog.


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