Whats going on in there?

Sunday at Miss Josie’s-

Josie’s- An old diner which has seen people elated, celebrating and crumble. This day, these characters are going to teach you something, if not- observe better. (Leave your phones next time you’re at a restaurant- notice).

Table no.1- There’s a family of 4, the father is busy on his phone, the mothers lost in her thoughts, the brother is busy wolfing down his meal and then there’s a girl called anorexia fidgeting with her plate, trying to talk to her parents and forcing a smile.

Table no.2- The man has just found out about his wife’s affair and cannot believe why and how he could be so .unfortunate. He blames himself for his wife’s doings. he has failed as a husband. They call out his name for coffee “Depression, your orders ready!” He’s slumped with emotions, numb and waits for the day to get over already and be unnoticed.

Table no.3- “You there! Get my pancakes right now, you know who I am? My names Bipolar and ill see you outside! I’ve been waiting for 20 minutes!” The order comes, the waiter shakily passes over the tray and the man who was screaming 5 minutes ago, doesn’t touch his plate. His date is embarrassed and she is planning an exit.

Table no.4- When will you get married?, I told you he’s the one, but he has a bad temper! What about the house? He lives with that sister of his who doesn’t like me much and makes fun of me wringing my fingers. I need to go get my license and my passport expires soon! How will I do this?! God, can I be someone else for a day? “Anxious, is that you? come here! Where have you been?” (A friend spots her and shes not prepared).

Table No.5- The doctor says “Alcoholic, your problem isn’t that you cant make money and your’e not smart, you’re just fixated on the wrong things!” Do I want to believe him? I’m forty five and my kids love me. “Don’t you love daddy, girls?” .”Yes we do papa” (they cooed). Jeez, if it weren’t for these two and their Sunday ritual, I’d like two pints of what Jacob recommended. Darn this coffee!

Table No.6- “Hyper, I have asked you not to do that again and again! You need to stop running around the restaurant, we aren’t home! If grandpa sees you like this, he won’t be happy and he’s reaching soon! He used to punish us all for bad behavior and you wont be spared! Come finish your milkshake.” Exasperated his mom carries on with her crossword.

Table No.7– How do I tell my fiance that I cant go ahead with it! He doesn’t know I’m a virgin. He needs to know…it happened a while ago. He says he loves me and will be by my side. My sister knows and she says “Trauma, get over it…its been long, he doesn’t need to know anything”, but how can I fool myself.


We see this, more often than not. We might not be aware of these terms  but if we educate ourselves a little and become mindful early on to tackle these situations; you would be making a world of a difference. Some call them mad, extremists, unfit and so on. These labels are callous words which create a gap between us wanting to help and actually being there for someone in need. We all know people close to us suffering through any or one of these. Its not easy because its not physical. It doesn’t stare at you like an open wound or a lanky cast. It doesn’t need bandages or permanent IVF. It needs understanding, resolve and above all-love.

I wish this country can start active group and individual therapy and make it approachable. If one goes to a therapist- you’re not crazy or can’t deal with your life. On the contrary, you are making a change and helping yourself understand a few patterns and behavior better.

I’ve been to one and though my period was brief- I can say this to all those who seek and want to help/be helped that you are not alone. Our mind has the ability to heal as fast as it has the memory to grasp.

Be kind, gentle and compassionate- it’s free!

Zina Singh (accepting all those thoughts in my head) for Touch and Be.


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