Knot in Style.

What- Shaadi by Marriott is taking place on the 21st and The famous Heritage weddings designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla have invited you to a wedding planned, designed and dressed by them.

Where- JW Marriott Aerocity, New Delhi.


What you don’t know- If you choose Marriott as your wedding destination, you get two nights as a honeymoon gift from the hotel which includes buffet meals for the couple.




The hotel has its branches around India and the couple can choose any of the properties to spend their honeymoon in. You can go to sandy Jaisalmer (Rajasthan), the port of Kochi, hilly Mussoorie, Thimpu and Paro (Bhutan). The international properties include the ones in Phuket.

Marriott as an international team has beautiful and accommodating properties all across. Their ability to host, adjust and entertain a larger number of people have  made them a top wedding partner.


(Photos taken from Marriott’s website)

Their hotels abroad and specially Thailand has housed many Indian weddings and have been a great success. I’ve attended a few myself and they understand the Indian tradition, requirement and dream. As a hospitality brand on its own, they truly understand how to make luxury everyday and reach out to everyone.

The importance of a wedding destination- With little and timid knowledge of weddings myself, I’ve lived them through closed ones and those of friends. I see a bride fretting about her outfit as much as her decor and venue. I don’t understand the fuss but maybe in time I’ll bite the dust. Though in all fairness, the destination makes a world of a difference and its an alternate reality for some. Creating and living a memory over and over again. I’ve attended weddings all across the world to know what a particular city, culture and hotel can bring to the table.

In all honesty, Marriott exceeds many expectation in terms of simple grandeur and accessibility. Its manifestation of understated culture of its own is synchronized across all its branches in the world.

Why don’t you experience for yourself?

P.s.-Please follow our stories on Instagram on the 21st to see the Shaadi live.

See you there!

Zina Singh for Terrible Two’s






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