Time to Mango



Thrilled and in trepidation at first about doing our first ever food collaboration; We jumped on the wagon considering health is at stake. I write this with all respect to all the health and nutrition based restaurants, doctors, coaches and companies- it ain’t easy…selling health.

With Red Mango’s American approach and the only surviving frozen yogurt chain in the country, the brand gained quick popularity within the Indian subcontinent, spreading its wings wide with colors and fruits.

They approached us not for what they’re known for but what they were going to introduce- a healthy food menu; we’re talking burgers, salads, Thai curry, ratatouille etc.

The food tasting with calorific information and alterations to the original dishes, we decided to take the plunge. With budding new restaurants focusing on vegan-ism, Paleo, South Beach diets and other FADS, this was plain simple low in calorie substitutes.

Sharing a few images of our brunch spent at their outlet in cyber hub, Gurgaon. Cover story sent us the lovely beat the heat outfits and we got Somya on board for the pink liner we tested  since we were going to be photographed while we ate (trust me it was hilarious and we tried to look photo worthy).

The Smoothie- In seasonal fruit flavors, Zoya and I opted for their Mango and Blueberry ones respectively.

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The Food- Asian chicken salad,  The pulled Chicken burger with a whole wheat bun and their all green salad. We went for the blueberry frozen yogurt as our meal is incomplete without dessert and their best one!

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The New Menu

Yogurt– The probiotic bacteria made from milk, is just one of the foods we are blessed to have. Call its discovery by accident but this enzyme is a god’s gift! Curing digestive problems, easy on the stomach lining and great as a mood up-lifter. High in calcium and protein too.

Great in taste and a good option while you’re on the go! It beats most of the fast food options around town, in the malls and in between work breaks. Opened up in many places in the city, it’s become a popular place for exploring and rethinking lunch options.

If you can’t eat at home and have a limited budget while you spend on a meal, this isn’t a bad option considering health comes at a price- and not in terms of paper!

Song- Redbone by Childish Gambino.

Zina Singh for (a bigger love for food) Terrible Twos


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