ruf·fle 1 (rŭf′əl)
1. A strip of frilled or closely pleated fabric used for trimming or decoration.
2. A ruff on a bird.
3. An irregularity or a slight disturbance of a surface: the ruffle on the lake.
4. A beating or rustling sound: the ruffle of drums in the distance; the ruffle of a skirt on the floor.

Benetton-The brand which we recently worked with approached us for another campaign called #ruffleup . As you now know the various connotations  of the word, little did I know that I’d be ruffled up.

I’m sure you’ve heard whats called a writers block…as one myself; I went through something more of  a creative block. With lack of inspiration and desire to shoot in the heat…we tried several things. This time I decided to shoot Zoya and went we settled on the India Habitat Center, New Delhi as a great brick contrast to the ruffled blue. The stripe bag  from the brand helped add more character to her already striped dress.

Happy with where we were getting with the austere yet complacent photos, as luck would have it, the battery died and we decided to shoot my look another day.

The only thing that kept us cool on both the days was the stitch and the light garment we had worn. I decided to go a little combat even in the sun and wore military inspired buckle heels.

Where this can be worn-

  • Touring/exploring a city
  • Lunches
  • Shopping day
  • Work meetings (depends what field you’re in)

How it can be further styled-

  • This shade of blue work perfectly with browns/tan/white/pink/green and black.
  • Wearing sneakers with this can make this super casual and a preferable heel, formal.
  • These dresses are perfect for a day to night transition in summers.
  • The pleats make them smart casual, adding good accessory and jewelry can change your look. (Don’t add any chokers)
  • Adding a light summer trench if you’re travelling to a slightly cooler climate can make the outfit stand out too. (Trenches/coats in pink,black and brown).


You can find these outfits in a store near you. I’ll also add that the dress that I wore will be suitable for a more curvier woman who doesn’t want to further accentuate her shape. The dress on Zoya is for a girl/woman with a more straight body shape and will enhance your own silhouette.

Listening to- ED SHEERAN #shapeofyou

Thank you Pr Pundit, Benetton- Vasant Kunj, Devayani Chandra for photographing me.

Zina Singh (not ruffled up anymore) for Terrible Twos



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