The Process

Sometimes the final product is not as much fun as it is in the beginning; sometimes, the initial stage is where the fun is. Going back to our childhood, having a twin sister was an ultimate dream for always being up to some tricks and games. I remember putting lipstick for the first time and covering my entire chin with it like Hanuman (the mythical deity in Ramayana). Draping each other and one-selves with duppattas (loose and long cloth, used with the traditional Indian attire of Salwar and Kameez), making swimwear, Saris and sarongs out of it; we didn’t know we were embarking on a journey of styling; let alone knowing the term.

When we were shooting for Dlf Mall, Saket and their quarterly magazine; we had the great opportunity to explore all the shops housed in there and style the way we wanted. This will be the first time I’ll be sharing the process of how we pieced the items together and how they looked once worn.


This look went onto the cover of the magazine. Zoya and I, both dressed in Marks and Spencer, India. Loved the long overcoat but it looked too stuffy for a place like Hard Rock. Zoya (left) is wearing a jumpsuit with silver kitten heels by them.

Look No.2

Shuttling between Forever 21 and Adidas Originals, we settled on a fun and sporty look for the two of us, keeping in mind the girlish youth. Athleisure (Athletic+Leisure) in mind, we wanted to play with pink! I wore the long Adidas dress with a leather cap, sneakers and a jersey crop top tied on my waist. Zoya played the pretty ballerina in Forever 21’s pink varsity silk sweatshirt, Suede crop-top, Net Tutu (a skirt for ballerinas) and Pumps by Clark’s shoes.

Look No.3

The skater girl vibe inspired Zoya and we wanted to shoot this at Hamleys as not just a child’s destination but a sports and one for the inner child in every grown up. The crop-top, shoes and bag from Adidas and the denim skirt from Forever 21. The roller blades from Hamleys.

Look No.4

The bookstore going “girl next door” look was inspired by this slip nightdress and the metallic knit seen at Marks and Spencer store which was later worn with the silver satchel from Accessorize India and shot at Bahrisons Bookstore in the mall. REMEMBER, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the city, the movie; when she leaves her house on new year’s eve in a nightdress, fur and heels. That’s it! Attaining that vibe in a more everyday and mundane activity was harder to convince but fun and viable!

Look No.5

Denim on Denim with a topping of a camel coat and a side dish of a floral satchel from Accessorize and Adidas sneakers to complete the plate. Clothes- Marks and Spencer. Shot at the Smoke House Deli as a perfect work-wear/coffee/lunch look. Warm, friendly with a bit of quirk.

Look No.6


No before photos for these outfits but this was selected just a few hours before shooting and Forever 21 brought about the inner soul searching seventies hippie in us. Boots courtesy Clark’s, Cafe Delhi Heights exaggerated the floral print outfits and made it idyllic.

There are a variety of things I love doing, styling being one of them and expressing myself through my wardrobe choices; sharing what I do with you all is on top of my list!

Thank You DLF Mall, Saket; Marks and Spencer; Clark’s; Forever 21; Bahrisons Bookshop; Cafe Delhi Heights; Hamleys; Accessorize; Adidas Originals; Hard Rock Cafe for the clothes and location courtesy.

Aditya from Team DLF and Niksat Nirula for helping us through out. Somya Chawla for sticking by us through everything and being so supportive, Shrey Bali for the amazing job you did with our hair. Anil Chawla for the Photography.

All these items are available at the Dlf Mall, Saket in New Delhi. Happy Shopping!

For the love of life and everything that comes with it.

Zina Singh for Terrible Twos




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