Indoor party of two.

This Xmas/ New year, I suffered a long and prolonged flu and a hamstring injury, thus intended on staying in with the twin. We called in our favorite girls to magically transform us to our party best. These two made our 2016 beautiful and there’s nobody else I’d end it with.

We decided to travel to Kasauli to my aunts place in the hills to shoot. As it turns out, I was advised not to travel and rest up. Slightly let down and disdained, I thought of ways not to give up on the last project of the year. Days later and sitting in the winter sun, the thought of re-creating the set in my house occurred and we started mentally conceptualizing the shoot.

What we needed- Different backgrounds, furniture, Xmas tree.

Who we called- Sarita Handa, Elvy homestore.

Immensely grateful to the two stores and their PR for being so quick and efficient. The backdrops are carpets/kilim’s we used as wall hangings and backdrop’s. Elvy sent us some handy and functional lamps, picnic basket and decorative items.


Christmas- 25th December 2016

Gucci makes our holiday spirits high. Here I go with the Carols!

Sometime between Xmas and 2017-

What does one do in winters?

-Sleeping in Pero and Sarita Handa!

Happy 2017! 

Roberto Cavalli, Pero and Sarita Handa joined us to make our party fabulous!

The Morning After-

Waking up to a cold day but nonetheless dressed and prepared for the year in Pero and Rara Avis by Sonal Verma!


Thank you 2016, Aastha Manchanda for being the ever trooper and comrade; for churning out amazing photographs!

Somya Chawla for making us look special and believing in the power of oneself and not to forget your brush!

Team Gucci India– Maneka Thandani, Aashna Bahl.

Team Infinite Luxury Brands– Anisha Malik, Mallika Mookerjee, Tarang Chaurasia.

Team Pero– Dolly Sharma, Aneeth Arora.

Team Elvy/Sarita Handa– Richa.  Sonal Verma for RARA AVIS. #

Team Hemant & Nandita– Pr pundit.


Thank you Universe for such a beautiful work year and achieving a creative high! This was our first set creation/styling and hopefully not the last!

Believe in what you do and the rest shall follow!

Zina Singh for (better or worse) Terrible Twos


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