Words is to lyrics, Symphony is to smile.

Beats make you hum while you sip that old monk.

Music saved many souls making life pleasurable, warming your insides like smooth chocolate as every note synced in.

Beatles gave meaning to every crossing making them alive,

Madonna crowned virgins a youthful glory,

MJ made walking on the moon possible,

Led Zep led you to tears stairing to heaven,

Justin Beiber made you Beliebe in making your dreams come alive,

Coldplay touched many hearts which will everglow,

Tracy Chapman gave meaning to women in Jazz while

Sinatra shines ‘Old will be Gold’.

My playlist changes with my mood as i dress according to the track of day. Fashion has been inspired by many musicians across the globe trending shows, collections and designers to recreate clothing channeled by ever changing musical era.

Music for me personally outshines fashion as i introduce my playlist every week to make you TERRIBLY TUNED  to what we call MUSICOLOGY with SOUNDCLOUD on our blog for a soulful journey.

Happy Tuning

Zoya Singh for Terrible Twos.

P.S – special thanks to our new Terrible member Aman Banwait.




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