That’s Strange!

Enough of you all talking about strange things?!? What’s the deal? Haven’t we seen enough of the Ring, The Exorcism and Paranormal Activity to put us off american horror for this lifetime?! I barraged everyone around me with the same set of questions.

A bored night in and not wanting to read, I rummaged through Netflix, trying to find the answer. Asking my brother not to leave the room and giving me company while I decided to bite the bullet. Yes, I have always liked Winona Ryder and understood her desire for sensitized cerebral choices in acting; A corn bucket and dim lighting made way for strange things to come alive.

76 hrs, silent mode, unread messages and blocked calls later. I came out the surreal world of the show co directed by “Duffer brothers”. Always had a fear of the unknown while growing up but fantasy and imagination gave way to a light which doctors use and call CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). Hence, drawn towards psychological thrillers and horror.

Stranger things is more than supernatural mutants or energies behind our walls or under our floor-It’s heroism, friendship, loyalty and code which forms a group. The ethics of a what makes a group and how the protagonists…almost teenagers, in this case use their geek like obsession with the Hobbit and Lord of the rings to find their friend. Our imagination makes us great and makes stories that we grew up listening to a living reality.

Just so you know…all the 4 kids got an Emmy nomination for their role and need I say…Millie Bobby Brown! The twelve year old is called “Eleven” in the show and her abilities to manipulate force and energy has got every child and teen wondering who the new Matilda is!

These images are taken from The Interview magazine and is Millie’s first ever cover; photographed by Mikael Jansson and Styled by Karl Temper.

You might not remember this English girl born in Marbella, Spain in ephemeral occurrences in Modern Family or Grey’s Anatomy but this time things are strangely in her favor!

I don’t go by IMDB ratings but go on and rate this for yourself!

Zina Singh for Terrible Twos


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