The Runaways

Head swinging, hip shaking and rebellion from head to toe… I love rock and roll deafening our ears; That’s Joan Jett and Cherie Currie leading the runaways to one of the most popular songs in the history of rock! It’s women, fiercely baring their soul with colored hair and piercings to say…they are here to stay!

When we planned this shoot…the designer Isha Rajpal specified her clothes mean business and who says delicately detailed and embroidered apparel cant be?! Rose Room Couture was started by Isha and Namrata Rajpal (sisters-in-law) keeping in mind the evolution of a stronger woman. The bold, the beautiful and baring!

The brand has clean cut elegance for the young woman. Launching a ready-to-wear line alongside which is more wearable and versatile. . The strong identity of Rose Room Couture lies in its feminine style, breaking free from seriousness and old school traditions. A combination of delicacy and substance are at the essence of the collection that infuses modern day elegance with a powerful feminine energy. We chose four looks from the collection. From Day to Night…We ran away!

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The white skater dress paired with an embellished corset on Zoya (L), Zina wearing the detailed denim dress layered with a denim dress worn as a jacket.
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“Somebody called us the Veronica’s…they are a sister band too!”
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Wearing the lace detailed dress on the left. Perfect for the evening…Zoya on the right in the tassel blazer and shorts.
The growth starts when you shed fears, insecurities and embrace the new you.


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Is there room to corset? Somya Chawla’s excellent hand added the metallic drama to the eye!

The Runaways fits our story not for our love for the seventies band but what they stood for. Our constant desire to resist change and hide under layers brings about a shadow of us which takes over when challenged. Our acceptance for us takes the slow pace like the shades of moon, each month filling itself ready to shed it all.

Why I combine my love for dressing up with educating on acceptance and body shaming is because I am not a model or a stereotype which girls disassociate with. I am one of you and daily issues like fitting into my jeans and distress of looking good wave over me too.

On a Thrifty note- Spend your leftover five hundred and thousand rupees and shop at Rose Room Couture available online at or Contact them at and find them on Instagram @roseroomcouture

Shot by Vinay Singh Tomar

Makeup by our True team member who doesn’t say not to anything we ask her to create! She made a few freckles on the spot for me with limited time and resources. Somya chawla @makeupbusomya #yougogirl

Love and Acceptance,

Zina Singh for Terrible Twos


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