Organised Mess

A smile at an unknown woman freezing in peak Delhi summer got me sitting across her, planning this collaboration. I didn’t recognize her at first but through a common and a dear person here we were discussing how to blend.

You know, collaborations aren’t easy. You’re lucky if that person speaks “you”! Neha Gupta had started her label only in time to put her dream on hold as she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Terrifying, right?…Nope! My heart broken expression which I failed to conceal got her smiling to me and saying “It’s not a BIG deal!” Believe me I wanted to believe her and so I did. Yes, the treatment was rough and some days were unimaginable painful but her supportive husband and family got her on a quick and positive path to recovery. She sat with a puzzled expression as she didn’t know what to expect from me  with a crew cut and looked beautiful! A quick coffee ended up in 3 hours of getting to know one another and a rough game plan.

The Label ‘Living Instinct’ believes in smart individualistic tailoring for a modern woman. Neha is the design head and believes in personal connections. So, days of brainstorming later… the idea of doing it in a place which is daily, accessible and for an independent woman, we found Foodhall as the perfect backdrop. Since the clothes are simple and in neutral colors, we decided that the place has to be colorful, kitschy, vibrant yet mundane.

Foodhall was kind enough through their Store manager, Sahil and Ritika from the Mumbai office to let us invade and create.

Organised Mess is a story of two shoppers, the partied out girl lands up at the departmental store, hungry and craving sugar while the planned workaholic (rollers in the hair- no time to spare) has to rush and plan her dinner through Jamie Oliver!

Immense gratitude to my lovely team- Somya Chawla (makeupbysomya- Instagram), Sakshi Kumar- the crazy one behind the lens who’s jokes got us through the shoot in no time; Grusha Sabharwal, my sweet sweet Friendtern turned family! Not to forget my TWIN who needed more than the Foodhall as an incentive to wear the wig! The accessory was gifted by our God Mother who bought it from Brussels ides ago.

Our lives are all as organised as they are messy- depends what we do with it. Neha despite her condition didn’t think of giving up! Why should you?!

Shop the looks at and don’t be afraid to follow your dream!

Love, Cure and Beautiful chaos.

Zina for Terrible Twos



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