My 5+2 a Day!

Why does everyone want to know…what ones using for daily lifestyle essentials?  Isn’t your body/face structure and type different to mine and thus it requires so. What might be good for your oily skin, can be damaging to my dry one!

Also, I can’t keep up with what the generic 5 a day are for…So, I’m gonna share a few things which are easily available and essential for life.

1. Water– Never overrated, H2O is the cure for all solutions, from washing your face as much as possible with cool water to drinking room temperature. Personally, I have almost 5 liters each day but you can start with as much you can handle and take it up a notch each day. I promise, my skin stopped itching and breaking out as i got comfortable having that much( you can find me in the loo every half hour :p)!


2.Oil– Don’t freak out already, I know most of you are averse to any form of it. There are umpteen ways of including it in your life. You can use it as the perfect makeup remover, great for the lashes. Hair growth( apply it a night before, no you wont loose hair!), moisturizing your body and face. Sometimes we don’t get the good fats fully from our food, so consuming a shot of coconut oil in the morning can help your digestive track and keep the stomach in healthy shape. For those of you with an oily scalp and skin, stick to consuming it. Thanking social media and awareness, we now know of many types available! 10 years ago, Rapeseed/ Pumpkin seed/ Soybean/ Canola/ Avocado and many more were unheard of. Take your pick…we did give sushi a try, didn’t we?!


3. Coconut– I know, we all want to lie on a beach in Thailand and eat the cream and fight over it! Let’s recreate that fantasy for a better glowing skin and gut. Coconut minerals are fortified to enhance energy and restoring it. I’m a big fan of the drupe (stone fruit) and can’t imagine my life without it. I use coconut shampoo, oil for early morning consumption, water for hydration, oil for cooking and application on the skin and it works beautifully for marks, damaged and undernourished skin. Okay, I know I’m crazy but you have just been told various ways of utilizing it.

4.Breakfast– Anyone, who knows me personally, knows that I love my food and specially my morning meal. I don’t care how much you eat…just do! Yes, a healthy one would be preferable but if you want to indulge in sugar/carbs…Morning can be your best friend! Listing out my favorite healthy yet indulgent options. Have a go-

  • Sweet potato flour less pancakes topped with amaranth (great source of protein) and freshly cut mangoes (you can choose honey/maple syrup).
  • Fresh fruit topped with different seeds, (pumpkin, watermelon, sunflower, chia or flax) accompanied with granola/ eggs of your choice/ Yogurt.
  • Oats made in milk of your choice (Normal/ Almond/ Soya) with melted Jagery or honey….Since I avoid processed sugar. Top it with Almonds or the preferred Nuts/Seeds.
  • Smoothie/Bowls- Oh one of my favorite meals!!! Take any smoothie combination of fruit/oats/seeds/nuts/yogurt or milk with ice and blend it to your desired thickness. The seeds and nuts have decent amount of protein or you can add protein powder! Have it in a glass or pour it in a bowl. Make it look pretty or rocky- The way you like it!
  • French Toast- The healthy way! Gluten free or Whole Wheat bread, dipped in egg (yolk or not). You can add cinnamon or cocoa powder to the mixture while dipping the slice and then put it on the pan! Once ready…The world is yours and so are the topping choices! I love putting fruits and sipping my americano alongside.


5.Protein– My day, starts and ends mostly with this essential nutritional class. Great for  building muscles, firming the body and preserving skin and hair growth… a few of the many benefits this compound which conyains amino acids great for the tissue. Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian/Vegan/Pescetarian; whatever you call yourselves, make sure you are getting enough for the day. I try to include it in all my meals. You know what’s good for you and that which foods contain it but what you see as a leafy vegetable or a green stem, contains a good amount of it too. Broccoli. Mushroom, Kale, Spinach, Brussel sprouts, Sprouts, Peas, Artichokes etc. As much as I love my meat and fish/eggs, I make sure that I get enough greens too. Get your Protein right!


6.Exercise-I don’t know the essence of the number 5 as a mandating routine. As individuals and self governing adults, we can put any number on us! Cranky, low, moody and sometimes sloth like are the feelings I sometimes endure in case I skip my workout. The habit becomes as mundane as brushing your teeth once you start. Initially, it may take you time to get used to it and sticking to it takes a lot more! I don’t care what you choose and how you do it, as long as you “JUST DO IT”! Dance, walk, run, gym, play sports or do yoga…let’s not be spoilt for choice. I hope people practice mental exercise as much as physical as tangibility can be deceiving! C’mon… I’ll see you in the park then?


7.Gratitude– As an influencer, Zoya and I feel that it’s our duty to also lead and exemplify basic thankfulness and deeds which should come more naturally. Unfortunately a bad day/incident or misfortune leads us to cherishing the best and small things in our life. Don’t regret, thank who you want to (from God/Higher power your chef, driver, family, friends and sometimes people who haven’t been great to you; as that will be a learning!), smile, hug and LOVE!


-All images have been taken from and are not photographed by me or any member of our team.

I think 7 is my number… Can I have your’s?

Zina for Terrible Twos




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