For the past two months, I had been delaying filling up evaluation forms for the two lovelies that interned with me in the summer months. I promise, they made the Delhi heat seem like a cool breeze! Laughter, puns and excessive food chats, I learnt to have easy fun with the girls who are now headed to Milan for a year’s program from their fashion institute in Gurgaon(I refuse to call it Gurugram).

Call it a reminder or a statutory warning in the form of emails by their school, G.D Goenka, I had procrastinated till yesterday; God knows why! I love starting my days and sometimes ending it with a mind numbing movie; By that I mean, a Rom-Com! So, 7th September was pretty much the usual yet different as I watched ‘THE INTERN’ and landed up on my carpet writing this for you.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie but its sweet, slightly unreal and yet believable as all movies are on Romedy! This one struck a chord as I was shown the mirror and the inevitable duty of writing letters to their university took place. I just want to thank my lovely girls and wish them luck for the things they taught me and helped me as each day was more than special. I don’t know if you’ve been an intern before or had one working with you, I must add that they know more about you than a lot of people in your life and as a part of their job, can be great listeners or just support you in work/life crisis.

This is not a fashion post, just one of gratitude! Do you practice it?

Thank you Daphne and Felicity…The world is your playground and guess what, you’re just beginning to ride it!

P.s- It’s ‘Me Before You’







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