” Taking it to the STREETS”

Sometimes, our business takes us places; Sometimes, we have no hold over the course. Not everyone likes a public display but when you get Trouble ANDREW to make graffiti on a Gucci bag and create a new collection, You take it to the streets!

Who’s Trouble Andrew?

  • Better known as Trevor Andrew, the Canadian born Ex-Snowboarding Olympian was called the Gucci Ghost as he became one for Halloween and then took his obsession with the brand to the streets by painting the ghost around town. Also, a musician by profession, the Skater caught Alessandro Michele’s eye through a common friend/skater.


The Gucci team flew in from Mumbai and met us for a quick interaction. We concurred that this collection suited our aesthetics best and Maneka Thadani, sent us the bag soon after. Now, the clothing wasn’t a big deal since grunge, edgy and experimental is second skin to us but selecting one designer who’s as moody as us was moot. The duo struck the mind a little later and we became HUEMN.

A very happy birthday to Pranav Kirti Misra( Creative Director- Huemn) who was as enthusiastic as us during shoot trial and equally supportive once we posted the campaign. We purposely chose the Autumn/Winter collection as this  was meant for September. The rambunctiously great Yashasvi Sharma has become a dear friend and shot the campaign easily. I do have to say, being in his company is  like having a double shot of caffeine! Somya Chawla worked beautifully on the lips, Zoya’s a stark Black and mine were Ombre.

The shoot took about half an hour, one of the quickest we have done. Let’s take it to the Streets!

The business!
The deal!
Zina in a Metallic velvet jacket with Faux-Fur trimming!
Zoya in the Huemn parka with a Fur trimming and the embroidered/ sequined pants!
Zoya( Wearing Gucci booties which we bought in london, 5 years ago)! Zina in a striped vest paired with High waist pants!
Zoya’s idea! The trouble Andrew trophy!

You can shop the Gucci bag at the store in New delhi/Mumbai OR https://www.gucci.com/int/en/search?search-cat=header-search&text=trouble+andrew  Also by Trouble Andrew- Men’s/Women’s Apparel, Accessories and more.

Thank you Gucci India for giving us the opportunity to create a story and letting us be a small part of you.

The location- Meherchand Market, New Delhi! You might’ve seen too much of that graffiti, Hence we chose parts of the intimidating setup.

Sometimes, it’s okay to take it to the streets! Also, if you do like meditative/soul feeding music, please give Ranga by Mahadeva a try( Courtesy- a dear family member and friend- Raghav Bhalla)!






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