You CAN-nought!

Too late, we did!

Driving to the opening of the H&M store opening in Connaught place, New Delhi…we didn’t know we were going to have so much fun in the newly made high street adjacent to the Collonade.

Walking in, we were expected to create a look each from the entire store and do a quick photo shoot. I have another post to do today so i wont be writing too much. I hope the photos are good enough for you to see what we did.

Both the looks aren’t very formal and can be worn everyday(styled in various ways). I settled for the soft yellow knit as I mostly feel cold and the suede bottle green skirt styled with the military bomber. Zoya went for a more casual chic vibe adorning sports/lounge wear shorts, a basic tee and a must faux leather jacket to complete the outfit.

Opened in B block, Inner circle, CP. You can find these pieces in stores. As you can see, we are excited for autumn!

Photographed by Mix-Tape photography-Anmol.




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