Open Learning

Wondering was an activity we often surrendered to whilst school years. Drawings/etchings and anime characters came alive, distant lands traveled and the soft noise of a classroom would bring me back to my wooden bench and a tight grip on the unused pencil.

Dear Teachers, I hope you can unravel the minds of the ponderer since it knows one to be one! This post will be a sweet dedication to the subjects we studied in school and how we interpreted them. Mathematics did make me cry and gave me my first ever panic attack! Geographical maps were just means of planning a next vacation, Physics(I never got more than 8/30) is a sister of Math and so I could barely fathom beyond the Mirror; Shakespeare’s play’s brought about the characters in us, History- a Story, is a dive into the pool of the past bringing us to today.

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On the Steps post result…Everyone needs a sholder! Zina in Akaaro and shoes by Topshop. Zoya in Akaaro dress, Suket Dhir print shirt and Adidas Originals. 
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Zina crying Math tears in an American Apparel headband, Akaaro clothing! The makeup stencils were made a night before!
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Eye PI. Zoya in Akaaro, deep in thought specially in the Algebra class! 
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Zina as Marie Curie, The Physicist! Wearing an Akaaro pleated dress! This was shot in the makeshift dressing room at Scarlette!
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The Nehru collar stood brave as Zoya went down memory lane as the Nehru/Gandhi duo peered down. INDEPENDENCE Day 15th August,1947 marked as the partition between India and Pakistan!
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Those cultural bags scream culture which you experience as you travel! The axis represent foot marks left. Wearing Suket Dhir print shirt! 
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Modern day Juliet portrayed by Zoya in Akaaro stripe dress. Wondering what Shakespeare will make of this!!
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Just the way Twins sometimes complete each other’s sentences…This equation was a great example of many indescribable emotions resulting in a real Chemistry!




What it took to make this possible-

  • Clothes by Akaaro – Gaurav Jai Gupta, Suket Dhir
  • Makeup by Somya Chawla
  • Photography by Vinay Singh Tomar
  • Location- Scarlette Boutique Hotel in Safdarjung
  • Stencils for the Makeup ( All MAC and base by Makeup Forever)
  • 7 hrs of shooting
  • Grusha as a lovely assistant
  • Cookies and Chai
  • Patience
  • A whole lot of love

Special thanks to Scarlette- You can find Sarah, she’s a star! Akaaro by Gaurav Jai Gupta-                                                                       Suket Dhir-                                                                                               Somya Chawla for believing in us and are crazy Makeup ideas.                                                        Vinay Singh Tomar for the Photography.                                                                                               Lastly to all our Teachers!

Love and Learning, Whichever way you like. You don’t have to be academically strong just open to education since each day is a great teaching!

Zina Singh for Terrible Two’s



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