Tales of Brok-Pa

Wondering what that is? Well, so did we! Our daily lives are so busy with haphazard schedules that we forget a world exists beyond ours. Upcoming Designer quadruplet Madsam Tinzin- Madhuritu Dutta,  Saumya Sharma, Tina Bhardwaj and Stanzin Dazes met and formulated their project in NIFT, Mumbai. This is their new collection!

Collection note (1).jpg

The team contacted a few bloggers from India to unveil their collection and launch it all together. Our job was to style it around our aesthetics. The fervent and excited team comprised of the Jovial Yashashvi Sharma who’s energy is palpitating even at 7 am, and Nisha Khatri. Jewelry was sourced in from the metal and design queen, Suhanie Pittie.

Although, it was sweltering hot that morning of 16th May, we managed a dramatic shot… the actor  in each of us alive. The clothes are easy silhouettes and can be worn to a wedding or a family function and abroad for their Greek draping and simple details. Have a look, I felt I’m a part of a period film; based on twin warriors. Maybe, they should make one!?!

Zina Singh- Suhanie Pittie earrings add drama…The makeup highlighted the brows and eyes, keeping the lips nude.


Zoya Singh-Suhanie Pittie Head piece makes the look almost Egyptian, with little embroidery detail.

The shoot was conceptualized for the brand, the clothes made us want to act the part and live a story. It reminded me of forgotten faraway temples and women who dressed with a sensibility to stand out, keeping their femininity innate yet strong.

Special thanks to Suhanie Pittie for creating art in ready to wear iconic jewelry. Yashashvi sharma and Nisha Khatri for making this shoot look like the way it does. Location- Club drive, MG Road.

You can find them at – http://www.madsamtinzin.com/ , Instagram- madsamtinzin.

Zina Singh for Terrible Two’s

P.s. We are also blogging about food, healthy recipes and lifestyle choices soon. It has been our dream to make the two possible. Hope you will enjoy that as much as we do. Great start to a Monday! xx




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