Ides ago, Bombay accessory house Cult Curators contacted us to shoot a few pieces with them.The new online shop keeps avant-garde pieces  from around the world;  Israel and Venezuela to name a few.

The brainstorm of two friends who were dissatisfied with the accessory option available in India, Aanchal and Sanjana started this over a phone chat. Sometimes, its easier visualizing a product worn by a friend or an influencer to convince us to  shop. Hence, they contacted us to style their accessories and making them more wearable.

For our team, aesthetics, art direction are key elements and as important as the brand we associate with. Yashashvi sharma with a peculiar sense of humor shot us over 2 looks and was still enthusiastic when we finished. Glo Fashionistas assisted in making our hair and makeup simple yet strong.

The Jewelry Designers- Iva Pevalek Art Jewelry(Croatia), Lianna Sheppard(London), Silk Philosophy(New York) and Kalina Filcheva(Bulgaria). All available at

Here is how we styled and modeled it.


Lianna Sheppard & Iva Pevalek Art Jewelry

Clothes by: Urvashi Kaur

Silk Philosophy  & Kalina Filcheva

Clothes by: Nimish Shift & Bodice by Ruchika Sachdeva


As the selection we made were all statement pieces, we chose earthy natural tones to suit all skin types and yet keeping the Cult in us alive.

Special thanks to Nimish Shah, Ruchika Sachdeva and Urvashi Kaur for the desired garments. Nisha khatri for making this shoot possible and being a great team member. Naveesh Tejpal for assisting and GLO Fashionistas for the subdued yet beautiful makeup and hair.

Signing out.

Zina singh for Terrible Two’s

Instagram- terribletwos5 —– Facebook- Terrible Twos


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