Wander 5th April 2016

10 days of planning, 3 days of postponing and sleepless nights later…4 girls left on this 1 day trip Somewhere in Rajasthan.

We were all too tired to be excited, yet the prospect of shooting the beautifully sourced pieces in obscure locations kept our spirits soaring high and the scorching sun was just a comforting ally.

Beating against the dunes, fruit carts and  multiple chaiwalas later we halted upon Aagman camp Abhaneri, Rajasthan. The photographer Aastha Manchanda  got rolling prints, Nisha Khatri assisting and entertaining us to tears, The Terrible Two’s befriended Hemant & Nandita for the first shot in the printed jumpsuit on Zina, the younger twin as  I the older one  sported and played with reds to shoot in the largest and deepest Stepwells in India . A  past so vast, constructed in AD 800, it carries on a legacy that attracts tourists from across the globe as seen in Dark Knight rises and the best exotic marigold hotel. Accessorized in Jewelry by Zarrin we walked the past and displayed our love for camera with steps on our side, i knew this journey was worthwhile.

  • Zzoya Singh

Act.1 LOOK


Act 2.Pause.

The modest luxury tents provided us with the quick necessities and geared us for the next look. Aastha had done the R&D; we were going to the village to shoot. The clothes with zigzagging prints by Missoni( Courtesy: Infinite Luxury Brands ) and teamed up with a Dvf robe were going to catch every passer by’s attention. The iron clad accessories can be avaiable at Shop NIMAI via Mettalurgy and MISHO designs. The villager lady was kind enough to let us shoot her and offered us refreshments. See for yourself!

Act.3 Find.

Overwhelmed by the Village, we dressed up hurriedly in between lunch for the finale. The Roberto Cavalli dress didn’t need much accessorizing, though a landscape was needed. Hemant & Nandita’s resort white dress had a charm of its own against the animal print. Shop NIMAI statement pieces fit the puzzle and believe it or not, the driver pointed out the tree for our next look!

Thank you Aastha Manchanda for jumping in the wagon last minute. Infinite Luxury brands, Hemant & Nandita, Shop Nimai/Zarrin for the clothes and accessories.

This couldn’t have been possible without any of you. Special Thanks to Mallika of Infinite luxury and to our terrible team member, Nisha Khatri for organizing and making it happen.

Love and peace,

Zina and Zzoya

Terrible Two’s






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