When Superdry sends you clothing, you take it happily… dreaming of effortless styling and lounging about. The parcel arrives, we jump with lost excitement, reaching out for our temporary goodies.

Zoya says, lets be spontaneous this time as the (sometimes) stressful moments can ruin the flow. Kaboom! It’s time and a friend comes by to capture us (who has never shot fashion before).

On the other hand, the coffee tonic racing in my mind is creating visual images of both of us hanging on tress/ lying by the pool and procrastinating life. Though, we had promised Superdry that we will incorporate the clothes in our daily lives. So, our workout wear, party wear and casual theme is set.

Excuse the Mowgli act on the trees…we did have a tree house growing up.

Clothes Courtesy- Superdry Global/India

Styling/Art Direction- Terrible Two’s

Location- Dlf Chattarpur Farms

Clothes available at the Superdry stores around the city.

Thank you for reading and I’d love for you to interact more!


Zina Singh for Terrible Two’s


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