TraveLight Girls!!!

Never a light traveler, I remember carrying 4 suitcases while coming back from London for a 4 day Diwali* trip back home to New Delhi. Me and my twin sister Zoya, each carrying 15 shoes. Ludicrous, no?!

Not one to make resolutions or stick to them, I made a mental note to carry just the essentials plus a bit of funk because Everybody could do with a lil bit of funk!
Happy to share the list of things that I could spruce up/ cut down. Here is my revived list of Travel essentials this summer of 2015.

Who are you kidding? We all are slightly attracted to the multi tasking cloth which seems new at each turn. So convenient and lately with attractive prints on either sides. Be it a jumper, shirt or pants…Carry them and save that little extra space for you shopping or something you can’t do without.

DO NOT CARRY a big packet that leaks or another bag just for these necessities. A small pouch or zippers of your handbag/suitcase can wonderfully accommodate these. Ditch those oil snatching wipes for a baby/bio/virgin coconut oil to remove makeup and moisturize and hydrate your skin. SPF 50 does the effective trick, so be it the beach, trekking or just shopping… It’s a MUST. BIOTIQUE has a great herbal one for all skin types and Avene* for the sensitive. Depending on where you stay, 5 star provides you with happy take me home gifts which we all love and carry back. Cotton clouds to go, Remember OIL is available everywhere! If you’re too scared to go in the pool while you’re menstruating, Tampons! Panty liners do a fabulous job and aren’t too uncomfortable.

Sneakers all day, Block/wedge heel for a fun day to evening and stilettos are all one needs with an extra slippers for the beach/walk.
SOCKS!!! I think it’s these pretty frills and prints that add the character to your soles. They are great gifts and (a great tip, something i learnt on my last trip to a Thailand wedding) make safe and secure pouches to keep your junk/ statement jewelry. Also, saves you the room for carrying a separate box.

Showoff, beat-the-heat, classy or outlandish, wear this stylish item and add a little funk to your outfit. Lately my sister combines the two and lines the head with the scarf and then a Fedora* or Cowgirl hat.
Scarves are other beautiful accessories, play around with them daily. From tying them on your waist to making neck ties out of them and casually placing them on your shoulder. Great hairbands too!
Belts. Who says you just have to buckle them up?! Apart from scrunching up your waist, they make spectacular necklaces! Just hang them loose depending on the style and weight and tighten the noose as per your comfort/length. I promise you, this is a sure winner among the chunky/ostentatious pieces floating about.


Jeans, shirts, dresses, caps, shoes and more. One can never get enough of this wonderful fabric! Pick your shade and style, I, for myself cannot imagine life without it. Roll them up,just plain simple. Denim for Denim or denim on denim! denim leggings now known as jeggings are the most comfortable, featherweight and easy to put on tights to party, workout, wander and feel free in! ESSENTIAL

Find your color and forget those seasonal shades and you’re good to go. The perfect weapon for a lady, this can add the perfect pout and give your cheeks the required tint. I mostly use the same color on my lips and cheeks. I love Dark shades, Berry for winter. Pink for summer, Orange for the beach and nothing to the bed 🙂 Make sure you remove it no matter how intoxicated you are or late it is.

Bring out your bikinis or One piece. Comfort is key and size matters to only one person-YOU! They also make great inner wear for dresses and other clothing. The one piece is like a bodysuit, put on jeans and you’re good to go.

1 Blush, 2 lipsticks, 2 eyeliners, Mascara and Studio Fix Compact Powder from MAC( preferably). Make sure all your products are waterproof! You don’t want runny pools of black while you’re sipping your Bellini.

Fun, Flirty and fresh! Black, White and a print or two tone. Bold summer colors- Orange, Yellow, Pink. Pick your top 3 and you’re set.

Polka Dots, stripes and prints are easy and quick quirks to anything.

Depending on your stay…if you carry each on these, I promise you can fit it all in one suitcase.
The rest you may SHOP & Splurge for.

Bella Vacanza Girls 😉

*Diwali- Indian festival of lights.
*Fedora- A hat from panama region of South America.
*Avene- A french dermo-cosmetic brand.


Bio Oil & Avene SPF50. Avaialble at NewU in Select Citywalk and DLF promenade mall. Boots and selfirdges in London sells it too. Local drugstores might store it.


2 thoughts on “TraveLight Girls!!!

  1. Hi, can you please do a post on the skincare and beauty products one should use? I have oily indian skin and would really like to know the kind of facewash, shampoo , conditioner etc you use so that i can get tips as ive tried everything and nothing works! thanks :/


    1. Hey stick to natural stuff and if you’re consumer driven, buy biotique products as they are skin friendly. Dermatological products like Cetaphil are great for skin and have no skin effect. For shampoos first buy Dandrid serum from your local chemist and apply it half an hour before your hairwash. Even though you might not have falling dandruff, everyone has some settled on their scalp. Go for himalaya or herbal essence protein or coconut based shampoo as they help in building and not breakage. You can avoid using oil in your hair, go for shampoos without sulfur and more natural based. The same companies, make conditioners too. Apply honey, papaya and oatmeal to your face once a week for natural scrub and glow.
      Hope this helps.
      Have a beautiful day.
      Terrible Twos


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