Shot in Rajasthani cities…Jaipur and Ajmer welcomed us with religious enthusiasm and culture freshness. 24 hours were all we needed to discover, reach out and live. The Darga Sharif or Shrine of  Sufi Saint Moinuddin Chishti was built in 1911 A.D. Pink city aka Jaipur’s Jantar Mantar was established/designed by Maharaja Jai Singh || of Jaipur. If you don’t want to stay at the beautiful Rambagh Palace, must check it out.

10422248_325088960994386_4647704054933056360_n10583972_325089030994379_1530309590754248918_n 10592877_325088984327717_5403104782449129638_n 10603239_325089057661043_1533593585266314290_n 10606152_325089137661035_8903868704320508230_n10620673_325088944327721_8841940208461234566_n 10606308_325089154327700_137754364545317275_n 10628503_325088920994390_5267714499669076854_n10660151_325089084327707_1337836875868835937_n


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