Art Attack!

photo 2photo 4photo 1 (1)IMG_20150319_131508[1] From London to India…ART has been surreal and gravitational! Galleries across Bond Street have been very helpful. India Art Fair in New Delhi was an eye opener for many narrow minded, bridging cultural and imaginative gaps.

Credits- Hugo Bonamin, V&A Museum, Julien Segard.
IMG_20150319_142243[1] IMG_20150319_142338[1] IMG_20150319_142356[1] IMG_20150319_142442[1]IMG_20150319_185009[1]IMG_20150319_185132[1]IMG_20150319_185159[1]IMG_20150319_185223[1]IMG_20150319_185307[1]IMG_20150319_184937[1] IMG_20150319_184745[1]photo 1IMG_20141228_180719[1]IMG_20150319_184509[1]


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